spiritual awakening

Make That Connection!


Here’s some common channeled information I receive in my distance energy healing sessions. I thought it might help you too!

Almost everyone I work with is called upon to “connect” with their angels. One example of what I receive is similar to this statement –

“Reach out to us to assist, reach out, we are here and not far, near and by your side, here today, forever and always.”

I’ve found this to be so true! I honestly can’t think of a time this hasn’t worked for me. I get leg cramps at times -really painful ones - so as I’m in my struggle to relieve myself, I immediately call on my angels asking them to help me, thanking them in advance. And nearly immediately my pain is gone!

Try it and see and begin forming your relationship with your angels. Each of us has this connection!

If we just ask, we can receive!