Services Summary 


Below you will find an overview of my service options! 

Be sure to read the full description of each option too. Just select the “Click Here” in each service listed below to learn more, schedule a session or ask me questions.

Spiritual Awakening Guidance & Support  – Join me in a one-on-one guidance and support session where I assist you during this journey.  Click Here for detail!

You’ll also have the benefit of personalized channeled information that often comes through.

 Distance Energy Healing/Channeling Session -This session option focuses on full body and mind work for multiple physical/emotional situations and includes extensive channeled personal messages. These documents run an average of 9 pages of information meant just for you! Click Here for detail!

Communication is included with me before and after the session and about the content of your document, if desired. This may be completed online or over the phone.  I also offer personal conversations to stay in touch with your progress. 

Channeled Personal Messages with Energy Boost  This session is perfect if you are specifically interested in the powerful personalized channeled messages coming primarily from questions that you have. These documents run an average of 7 page of information specifically for you! Click Here for detail!

With the messages I offer an energy boost, but the primary focus is to provide you the channeled information. Included in this offering are questions that you provide to me in advance.