The Power Of The Pen

Spiritual awakening mentoring, distance energy healing, channeling

This channel opened my eyes when it came through! Made me want to get my note cards out! :)

“The soul of you is written from the hand.
Feeling the words leave the mind,
fingers hold the pen so light, 
like magic, making art of your mind’s work.

Seeing pen to paper brings magnificence to 
the energy that can only be you.
The power of the pen is more than it is said.

For when you write from the soul 
and offer your hand instead
others feel your divineness too -
the energetic connection that is made with them
when pen is put to paper 
from the handwriting of you, to send.”

The Snowflake In Time

Distance energy healing, channeling, spiritual awakening mentoring

After shoveling for 2 hours the other day, during our first major snowstorm, I finally sat down to relax. And suddenly, I was offered this beautiful channel for your enjoyment!

"Like the snowflake in time
is your light upon humankind.
Unique and individual you are.
But together the strongest
storm you can be by far.

When together you amass
your light so fine of the individual
but, now together across humankind,
the brightest of light you are that can be.

Crystalline for everyone to see.
Here to cover the lands of time.
Awakening to the light of heaven’s divine."

Comfort Your Soul

Distance Energy Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

It is so true - we can exhaust even our own soul! Enjoy this channeled message for the day!

"Seek often the quiet space.
The silence across your face.

Peace in your eyes and comfort in your soul. 
You need this space each day. It is told.

For without the time to fully unwind 
the soul becomes dimmer in time.

For the quiet space is what offers the human grace
to gain comfort from within 
and a respite from the human race to begin.

So, center yourself to find a way 
to have silence and calmness each and every day.”

The Fire That Burns Within


Fascinating! Today I share part of a channel from a distance energy healing/channeling session I recently completed!

It’s part of a much longer exchange between me and my Spirit team who I work with during a session. Their words are in quotes. I found it so interesting and hope you do too!

“Yes, she is running inflammation through her body as many humans do. This is a natural process.”


“Yes, inflammation is part of the ascension process.”

This is new information to me and it seems like no one would know this!

“Of course not. But this is why inflammation is so prevalent nowadays in people's bodies. They are trying to exude through all that has occurred from the past. They don't understand what this is about, as this has been long lost. The heat within and without is wishing for the soul to come out.”

This is so interesting!

“Yes, very much so. And when one begins to go through it, oh the great awakening does imbue the light of flame inside. And let's it release out into the skies, but it is difficult and can be hard we say for the body to take in always."

"Inflammation it is so true everyone has a little bit of it too, but it is a natural process we say for the body to let go of the past today.”

What A Channeled Session Is Like With Me!

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Show Up For Yourself!


We so often don't "show up" kindly to ourselves in the morning. It seems this channel I received popped in to help us change that up!

"Look at yourself in the mirror in the morn
and smile in your eyes and let it be born
the feeling of love in your way.

And then say something nice to yourself today.

Come back again the next morn in your way
and add something over your coming days.

Soon you will have a list so long
of loving yourself all day strong.”

Twin Flame Journey


Twin Flame fire? This came through one day and it felt clear to me this speaks of the twin flame journey. I don't normally cross post from my YouTube channel, but this I had to share!

"Where have you been in my life?

Trapped in time, across the lands.

Nevermore finding your way to me, all this time across land and sea.

Bringing you now, though, back to me.

Living your life you have found your way, with light in your eyes, as is in mine today.

Now is the time you have come back to me too, heaven sent we travel, forever it is true.

Together or not in our human way, it is always we are together in the energetic way.

Souls who are one come together again, but never having truly parted ways from the heavens to begin.

Love me now like you never have.

For the days are at hand when you are here for me to love too,

again, as one in both body and soul, this it is true."

Free Yourself By Forgiving


When we as humans can do this more fully, it is true freedom! Enjoy!

"For you dear one, to free yourself - forgive.

To live life - forgive.

To move forward - forgive.

For if you do not, you shall always be stuck in the past and this is not the journey you came for.

It may be a lesson, but it is not the journey.

Do not let this be the end of your story."

A First-Hand Experience With Distance Energy Healing!

I'm offering this testimonial on my blog so you can hear about my energy healing and channeling work first-hand! 

Victor Oddo -who I've been recently working with - has his own thriving community and business helping people who are going through the spiritual awakening process.  Here he talks about his experience with my energy healing and channeling work.

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