The Fire That Burns Within


Fascinating! Today I share part of a channel from a distance energy healing/channeling session I recently completed!

It’s part of a much longer exchange between me and my Spirit team who I work with during a session. Their words are in quotes. I found it so interesting and hope you do too!

“Yes, she is running inflammation through her body as many humans do. This is a natural process.”


“Yes, inflammation is part of the ascension process.”

This is new information to me and it seems like no one would know this!

“Of course not. But this is why inflammation is so prevalent nowadays in people's bodies. They are trying to exude through all that has occurred from the past. They don't understand what this is about, as this has been long lost. The heat within and without is wishing for the soul to come out.”

This is so interesting!

“Yes, very much so. And when one begins to go through it, oh the great awakening does imbue the light of flame inside. And let's it release out into the skies, but it is difficult and can be hard we say for the body to take in always."

"Inflammation it is so true everyone has a little bit of it too, but it is a natural process we say for the body to let go of the past today.”

What A Channeled Session Is Like With Me!

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Show Up For Yourself!


We so often don't "show up" kindly to ourselves in the morning. It seems this channel I received popped in to help us change that up!

"Look at yourself in the mirror in the morn
and smile in your eyes and let it be born
the feeling of love in your way.

And then say something nice to yourself today.

Come back again the next morn in your way
and add something over your coming days.

Soon you will have a list so long
of loving yourself all day strong.”

Twin Flame Journey


Twin Flame fire? This came through one day and it felt clear to me this speaks of the twin flame journey. I don't normally cross post from my YouTube channel, but this I had to share!

"Where have you been in my life?

Trapped in time, across the lands.

Nevermore finding your way to me, all this time across land and sea.

Bringing you now, though, back to me.

Living your life you have found your way, with light in your eyes, as is in mine today.

Now is the time you have come back to me too, heaven sent we travel, forever it is true.

Together or not in our human way, it is always we are together in the energetic way.

Souls who are one come together again, but never having truly parted ways from the heavens to begin.

Love me now like you never have.

For the days are at hand when you are here for me to love too,

again, as one in both body and soul, this it is true."

Free Yourself By Forgiving


When we as humans can do this more fully, it is true freedom! Enjoy!

"For you dear one, to free yourself - forgive.

To live life - forgive.

To move forward - forgive.

For if you do not, you shall always be stuck in the past and this is not the journey you came for.

It may be a lesson, but it is not the journey.

Do not let this be the end of your story."

A First-Hand Experience With Distance Energy Healing!

I'm offering this testimonial on my blog so you can hear about my energy healing and channeling work first-hand! 

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Blink And You Will Find!


A perspective on life was offered to me for all of us today!

“Blink and you will find that all can change on a dime.

For life is never static or stale, and instead meant for you to scale peaks so high and valleys so low.

But it is never understood as so, that each day which is offered to you, can change in the morn, that is true.

But love this chance of life so great, that one never knows their fate.

And instead look outside your door, with fascination of what may be in store.”

Acting From The Heart


"Crying out from your soul, your consciousness speaks, asking you to act from the heart and live a life that brings a feeling of purpose and intent to all that you do, however small you think it is too.

For our actions are not in vain and come from whether we are awake or simply here for personal gain.

Consider this next time you decide to make up your mind, or take an action that impacts someone else - or even yourself - and then of course, our earth and her creatures too….

Are you working from your highest self - the light and bright that transcends all else - or are you considering only that of the human wealth?”

Living A Life True To You


This is a powerful channel I received showing the importance of living a life that is true to YOU!

“The outer pull of expectation, opinions and thoughts of others, is often the outer world drawing you toward it, which can then cause one to rely on what others opinion’s and views are of you.

If you allow this to form who you are, it will be in all due time that you will feel dissonance within oneself. One that is the “separation”.

The “separation” being the one who has become a manifestation of the outer world and yet the inner world, the inner being, that is wishing to lead.”

The Beauty Of The Song


This feels a perfect channel to share after an evening spent with about 30,000 beautiful souls in my city's community "Block Party". It profoundly touched my heart, and showed how music and dance can bring together, everyone, as ONE!

"The beauty of the song. The song at your fingertips. A voice – an instrument of nature. The song of music.

The message of love, of understanding, of beauty in music is there for you to capture in you heart and express in all the joy that you can with your body, and your soul and your mind.

Dance forevermore my loved ones. Move across the course of time in flow and express all that you know deep within your heart.

Music is the vessel through which you will flow. Your joyousness will become overflowing as you take your music, make it part of your day, love it, dance with it, and make it all it can be.”

The Soul's Remembrance

June 11 Final.png

This piece I received feels like such a visual way of making us think about our experiences and learning across a lifetime. I hope you find it as lovely as I do!

"Be on your path, for it is the days long that will offer you knowledge of each step along your way, collected within the footprints.

The path evaporates behind you and radiates into your soul, remembering the knowledge of what you have walked upon."

Your Energetic Relationship To Earth


We can often wander aimlessly through our days, not understanding the importance of our relationship with the ground beneath us!

This channel was offered in one of my recent distance energy healing sessions for a particular client, but it is so applicable to us all. Enjoy!

“As you ground into the Earth, through your meditations, you offer the Earth energy and a vessel in which to connect to All That Is.

Allowing the Earth to receive the energy that is required for it to live healthfully, as well as for you to live healthfully.

It is a symbiotic relationship where you act as the rod, the vessel, for all goodness to flow from above, into you and the Earth.

For the energetic status of the Earth is reliant upon you - and all of humankind - connecting.”