The Fire That Burns Within


Fascinating! Today I share part of a channel from a distance energy healing/channeling session I recently completed!

It’s part of a much longer exchange between me and my Spirit team who I work with during a session. Their words are in quotes. I found it so interesting and hope you do too!

“Yes, she is running inflammation through her body as many humans do. This is a natural process.”


“Yes, inflammation is part of the ascension process.”

This is new information to me and it seems like no one would know this!

“Of course not. But this is why inflammation is so prevalent nowadays in people's bodies. They are trying to exude through all that has occurred from the past. They don't understand what this is about, as this has been long lost. The heat within and without is wishing for the soul to come out.”

This is so interesting!

“Yes, very much so. And when one begins to go through it, oh the great awakening does imbue the light of flame inside. And let's it release out into the skies, but it is difficult and can be hard we say for the body to take in always."

"Inflammation it is so true everyone has a little bit of it too, but it is a natural process we say for the body to let go of the past today.”