Twin Flame Journey


Twin Flame fire? This came through one day and it felt clear to me this speaks of the twin flame journey. I don't normally cross post from my YouTube channel, but this I had to share!

"Where have you been in my life?

Trapped in time, across the lands.

Nevermore finding your way to me, all this time across land and sea.

Bringing you now, though, back to me.

Living your life you have found your way, with light in your eyes, as is in mine today.

Now is the time you have come back to me too, heaven sent we travel, forever it is true.

Together or not in our human way, it is always we are together in the energetic way.

Souls who are one come together again, but never having truly parted ways from the heavens to begin.

Love me now like you never have.

For the days are at hand when you are here for me to love too,

again, as one in both body and soul, this it is true."