The Beauty Of The Song


This feels a perfect channel to share after an evening spent with about 30,000 beautiful souls in my city's community "Block Party". It profoundly touched my heart, and showed how music and dance can bring together, everyone, as ONE!

"The beauty of the song. The song at your fingertips. A voice – an instrument of nature. The song of music.

The message of love, of understanding, of beauty in music is there for you to capture in you heart and express in all the joy that you can with your body, and your soul and your mind.

Dance forevermore my loved ones. Move across the course of time in flow and express all that you know deep within your heart.

Music is the vessel through which you will flow. Your joyousness will become overflowing as you take your music, make it part of your day, love it, dance with it, and make it all it can be.”