Offering a Kinder Heart


When you feel like you are struggling with being a kind heart, do this!

With each person you encounter in the next day, look them in the eye, smile and then see one thing in them you appreciate.

You might wonder how you can appreciate someone you don’t know, but you can!

It may take some work at first. But even if it’s as simple as you like the coat they are wearing, you will feel uplifted!

The more you do this, the better you will feel. And the energy that you carry with you from this appreciation will be shared with them, and others, as you move through your day.

I know that in my own day, at times I can mindlessly walk by people as though they do not exist and act as though I live in my own bubble.

Or there are days where I joyfully encounter nearly everyone I meet!

And when I offer this more positive side of myself, invariably I feel lighter and more complete as a person, lifted up by having offered someone a smile, kindness or conversation.

Regardless of their response, or lack thereof, your energy will rise, and you are sure to be uplifted!

Try this for a day or two and pay attention to your feelings. Are you uplifted by what you offer to others, expecting nothing in return? I bet you will be!