3 Healthful Tips for the New Year


Here are 3 healthful tips for the new year! I’m sharing with you today some of the more universal messages I receive, as I complete my energy healing sessions.

1) Flow, flow, flow! I am told “flow is where all goodness comes from”, and without flow, one begins feeling stagnant and the energies cannot run through our bodies most efficiently. So how do you get flow?

2) Water, water, water! As they say, “humans do not drink enough water.” Avoiding artificial drinks is key, and creating flow with consistent intake of pure water will give the energies a pathway for movement. This offers us greater clarity in our day and assists in removing negative energies.

3) Alignment, alignment, alignment! Posture is key to consistent flow. In my sessions, commonly shared advice is “head on neck, neck on shoulders, shoulders back, posture.” So many of us jut our heads forward over our bodies through the day, be it when we walk, read, or work on a computer. This can cause multiple issues, including stress and strain on our neck and upper back, as well as issues with flow.

So, as you begin 2018 in a healthful way, remember the word “flow”, as you journey through your days!