Release Yourself from the Prison of Guilt


Guilt is such a human emotion.

We batter ourselves with it until we are so beaten down we can think of nothing else. Only that we are constantly drained and in an endless loop of self-imposed suffering.

Like so many misunderstood things in humankind, guilt only harms the one feeling the guilt and has no positive outcome, offering nothing for any of the parties involved.

Why do we feel the pull of guilt in our lives? Where when sadness overtakes us, or some turn of event, we find a way to blame ourselves. Struggling, hurting our self -passionately hurting our self -over these emotions of guilt that will not go away.

How can you overcome guilt? How can you set it aside?

Know that in your deepest heart of hearts, yes, you feel you made mistakes. Review the mistakes you feel you made.

Comfort yourself with the mistakes you made, knowing that you are a human being, who can be fallible at times and that with intent – with good intent – you did all you could at that moment in time. Process the feeling, the knowing, but it must be let go.

For guilt is a most destructive force.

It is with guilt that one feels they could have done something to change things. But it cannot always be. It cannot be that you are the cause of all that occurred with that situation, that person, that time, that event.

For things that happen to one, cannot be controlled by another.

What is under your control is the path you now choose. Know that from this experience that you have learned for your journey forward.

Guilt has presented itself to you in all its finery, but know that it is not lasting. For it is not the truth of you.

Process it, experience it, set it aside. And then be in harmony with yourself. Be comfortable in loving yourself. Do no harm to yourself. For you will take the lessons along your path.

That is the only thing to take forward. Not the sadness of guilt and punishing yourself, imprisoning yourself for all of eternity, in this lifetime.