The Most Powerful Energy Boost!


Nature – a personalized power pack of energy right in front of you! Recently I found myself feeling ungrounded, floaty and almost nauseous.

Turns out I realized that this nature girl hadn't been “naturized” for about a week!

So, I packed up my bike and spent the entire day journeying through places I didn’t know existed.

And to top off an incredible day outdoors, I was offered a series of fortunate events that led me to the pinnacle of my day – visiting a National Wildlife Refuge that is nearly in my back yard.

These refuges are not just any nature experience. They are huge expanses of wildness that reach far and wide. With them you are taken to experience their full glory, getting swallowed up in emotion.

I’ve never felt so energized and connected to the great beauty of our Earth. It was made even more powerful that I was now experiencing - for the first time - a real prairie in my mid-western home state. Today, few remain.

Three days later, I still felt incredibly energized from that day-long experience!

I highly recommend a National Wildlife Refuge near you, for what is a truly jaw-dropping, humbling and tremendously reconnecting experience. Look one up near you, and visit soon!