Your Root Chakra - Stay Connected!


I think I just discovered my root chakra!

Do you sometimes feel like you have too much energy flowing through you? Or that its totally controlling you? How about a random, flighty feeling as though you are walking a bit off the ground?

You might -like me – realize that you are not as connected to the ground beneath your feet as you thought! Sure, your feet are physically and firmly planted on the ground, but I’m talking about the unseen energetic connection.

Our chakra system allows the energy of the Earth and the Ethers to extend through to us in our physical being, providing the opportunity for health and well-being, as well as a connection to both.

The power of the root, or first chakra – located at the base of the spine - allows us to feel very rooted in our human physicality, in our security and truly a part of the Earth.

If you have been feeling a bit disconnected lately, possibly you could use a good dose of grounding this chakra. Here’s a wonderful short meditation - that did just this - helping me feel calmer, centered and connected!

And I’m including a link for connecting in with and further experiencing your chakra system and the power behind it when you do!

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