Energy Healing - The Missing Link with Chemotherapy?


Is energy healing the missing link with chemotherapy? Could energy healing be paired with chemotherapy to ease the side effects for the person in treatment, offering renewed energy and fewer, or no ill feelings?

This is what I’m looking to learn and study further with my distance energy healing practice. Through work with a client over the past two weeks, I’m seeing very promising results – even stunning results!

To further this work, I’m looking to work with 3 other individuals as they go through their chemotherapy rounds. The sessions are free.

In exchange, volunteers agree to share their medical situation, and stay in communication at least weekly. Updates will include how they are feeling since their energy healing session, and their chemotherapy treatment schedules, so we can determine how often energy healings are needed, etc.

All information shared is confidential.

For more detail on what a session is like with me, please read my pinned post.

I feel a bright future for what I see as a potential solution to many of the side effects of chemotherapy.

If you or someone you know is enduring chemotherapy and would like to have the potential for feeling better during the treatments, and who also desires to help me with these studies, please message me via Facebook or email me at

I'll also eventually post an updated blog on results and findings. So stay tuned!

Thank you and please share far and wide!