Calling On Angels


Your angels are always with you! In a 2016 Gallup poll, 72% of Americans stated they believed in angels. Yet, during a typical day, most of us don’t even consider their presence in our lives.

What if you did? I do…now.

Over the past year’s journey, I’ve started calling on my angels for many things, from waking at night not able to sleep, to getting a great parking space. Really!

If you want to form a relationship with your angels, first make an intent to do so. Speak it out loud or within your heart to them. Let them know you desire to have them as an active part of your life. Then, simple ask!

When I awake at night with the occasional anxious thought I say, “Angels – please remove these anxious thoughts from me now and help me get back to sleep! Thank you!” Invariably within minutes I feel a release and comfort come over me, and soon I’m asleep again.

Remember, they are here to help! You need only ask with gratitude, and have patience.

If you are interested in learning more about angels, check out one of my favorite authors - Lorna Byrne!