Bring Peace Into Your Life


Feeling the need for more alone time these days? So much of what our society often values is constant socialization and interaction, not the peace we may need.

Today’s channel is from an energy healing session, applicable to all, and helping us understand this more fully.

“For it is time for great deep introspection for many. For many now are being drawn within and spending quiet time with oneself is something to cherish, not to diminish.

It is a balance these days of shifting energies, of changing times and focus. One must always move with what one feels internally, or one will always be in dissonance, moving to and fro, because of others expectations.

Instead one must follow one's own knowing and being and feeling. For the quiet solitude is where the deep within will be found and one’s light will shine brighter as a result.

Know that this is the time for deep introspection and again as we say, often many feel in their way to be alone in their knowing and being.”