Thoughts are "Things" More Than We Know


Something we rarely consider is the impact of what we put our attention to, the energy behind those thoughts, and our ability to manifest our reality - for better or worse!

Today I’m sharing an interesting channel from my distance energy healing work that focuses on obsessive worry over a health situation. However, it is easily applicable to all of our thinking, and has certainly made me reevaluate how and what I put my attention to!

“When one gives energy to a situation, an illness or problem, one amplifies that. In the energetic field this is well understood and as one places energy at a point, one will see that the point energizes. There is a deep connection between what one focuses on and what one experiences.

One would be better to set aside the thought of the thing, for as one
continues to see the thing as reality- reality, it is.

And yet we say it can be with all thought and intention to let this go, that it will be gone.

But if one delves deep to further understand and feel as this is part of
oneself, it will be a difficulty in seeing the way forward to health and well- being.”