Are You Pulled By The Outer World of Expectation?


Sharing a learning today from my distance energy healing work where I channel extensive information for each person. Often the detail is fitting for all of us, so I hope you enjoy this piece!

“The pull of the outer world of expectation, relying on other’s opinions and views of oneself - if allowed - can form oneself. Yet often dissonance is felt, and this is the separation. The separation being the one who has become a manifestation of the outer world and yet the inner world, the inner being wishing to lead.

For when one feels dissonance, this is signature sign of one’s true self reaching out to lead. When one feels comfort in all knowing and being, knowing one is being lead from within, all dissonance disappears.

And yet we say, it is not well understood that in the human world this is part of the challenge. To set aside the pull of the outer world of expectations, judgement, others’ opinions and views -all that is not who one is.

For one is, who one is, deep within - the true self. This we say, is the opportunity in front of each of you.”