The Twin Flame Relationship


Sharing with you a piece on twin flames that came through in a recent distance energy healing session. I feel it speaks to ALL twin flame relationships and hopefully it will assist you on your journey if you find yourself in a relationship of this nature!

Be they friend, family or romantic relationship, the twin flame relationship is most unique! I love the poetic take, and hope you do too! Enjoy!

“Never throw water on the flame of time.

For the light needs to shine bright and forever within

and the more that is offered the other to win,

the brighter the light will shine within the both of the two, as if they were one.

Always know that what one squelches in another is offered to the one.

For they are close in soul and time

and have journeyed over wider than thine.

One knows and sees and offers within,

it is this life's journey where all can begin

to be seen as the brightest flame that can shine.

And together, forever, they will move across time,

shining their lights, a flame to see

for everyone and all, across the land and the sea.

For they too have a mission to assist each other

in their life's journey now and another.

This always has been and will be again,

this day we say, they are of the twins.”