Love You!


Today I offer you a saying that is often shared through my channeling in my distance energy healing sessions. I find it so profound and thought provoking!

One must love oneself first and foremost, before one can love others most fully.”

I got thinking about these words, and how our societies can teach us that we are not good enough, always having to prove ourselves, compete with others, and be “better” than someone else.

I’ve realized that this can cause us to feel as though we are never good enough. And with it comes an inability to truly love ourselves!

So, start looking deeply at yourself and see the things you like and love. Who cares what others say? Because you are good enough!

As you make a point of doing this regularly, you’ll be amazed at the positivity you’ll start to feel about yourself. And then your love for others can also become the fullest it can possibly be!