How's Your Balance of Energy?


Today I’m sharing some common advice from my distance energy healing business! This is from one person’s channeled reading that came through in their session, but which has also appeared in some form in many other sessions.

“Headaches are often from energy. Housed energy. And when the balance is too high internally - with less expression outward than needed -it must go somewhere, and often in humans it goes into the mind. Yes, yes, yes. Expelling the energy in some ways, physical activity, cardio, sweating. A form of physical activity of intensity, each day coupled with energy removal, will assist in pulling out what is not naturally removed. Moving through the chakras, adjusting each, yet removing energies as well, is a practice one can learn.”

Clearly, energy balancing and flow through the body is an important aspect of good health. This includes - as my past posts have indicated – drinking plenty of water throughout the day!

Here’s to your energetically balanced week!