Discover All of You - Mind, Body & SOUL!


The entirety of who we are is mind, body and Soul! Yet, so many of us often forget - or don’t even consider - that we have “higher self” or spirit component to our being.  And we barely consider the journeys this part of us may have had along the way!

But all of that changed for me, as I experienced the knowing of who I am at the Spirit or Soul level, through working with Soul Nurse, DeeDee Metcalf.

The session was truly life-changing! It was as though, this very large missing piece of the puzzle, helped knit together the learning and knowing of myself – mind, body and this time - Soul!

If you too want to more fully understand yourself in totality, let the Soul Nurse access your Akashic Records! You will gain knowledge of who you are at a Soul level, while she removes blocks and restrictions from your life!