Manifestation Multiplied


We often hear about manifesting our own desires, but this piece I received makes it even more powerful! Who knew! :)

“When one is passionately loving something, 
we find the energetics around the individual
build in time and create their own light, 
of something exciting they wish for in their day.

This energy then exudes out to others 
who have the same thought forms too. 
Those thought forms come together 
to help form a connection and network
between each other, helping one manifest. 
Transforming the other, we say too.

Carrying the energy across the network 
of that same vibration and thought form. 
For “thoughts are things”, as we have always said, 
but then they create energy and they bleed 
often in times over, into the networks
of others in their day - connecting in an energetic way
to assist their manifestation 
- as well as yours, we say.”