Are You Feeling Those Feelings Again?


Do you often feel the feelings of others? Many of us are very empathic people, which can cause us to feel others emotions as though we were that person!

And this can be quite a challenge living our own lives, without this gift affecting us negatively.

On that topic, here’s some advice that I recently channeled in my distance energy healing work.

“And we say - one keeps one’s light shining brightly, protecting oneself through means of sheltering from information -not being an ostrich with its head in the sand -but one that filters, sees enough, then moves forward.

Freshness and cleanliness, the mind space is purer and will begin to develop, allowing one’s light to shine more brightly.

For one cannot live in the mire of the human world, delving into the depth and the feeling of others when one is an empathic individual.

Soft hearted, kind, caring. You are an open door for all to enter. Sheltering methods, avoiding certain information, energy cleansing practices, are of utmost importance as one journeys forward.”

“One must shelter oneself from the energies without. Those of a sensitive nature, it is recommended to energy cleanse the living space, their beings, and offer protective measures regardless of one’s closeness to another.

Energies overlap, and it is always of use to energy cleanse. For one exchanges energies with everyone in their path and can be like a sponge, taking on and within, the energy of humanity’s concerns.”