A Full Moon Homage

stonehenge-2290943__340 Final.jpg

Sharing with you a poem I channeled – unexpectedly – for the full moon!

But first, for those of you who don’t know my work, I channel a variety of groups in spirit, most particularly angels. They also work with me in my distance energy healing work.

As a side “job”, they also continue to provide inspirational channels – what I feel are true works of art of the written word – for all of you! So, enjoy their little masterpieces, and always know your angels are there with you, along your side, each day!

“Your light shines brightly like the moon above,

stars and skies forevermore it’s love.

Shines upon your smile so bright,

loves you into the morning light.

It’s calmness and lightness upon your face,

is something that gives you the greatest of grace.

Bring it in and feel it whole, blessed be upon your soul.

The light of nature of the full moon,

will bring to you this evening, ever more in tune

with your nature and natural ways.

And you will feel a spark in your days,

when the moonlit night of the full moon

comes to you this eve, so soon.”