The Joyfulness of Gratitude


Gratitude is a part of good health! Really…? Yes! I started a gratitude practice to close out my day with a positive, joyful feeling. And I truly feel the rewards!

Directly before I go to bed, I list three things I am thankful for from that day. I use a separate journal dedicated just for these musings.

Not only do I get to reflect on the goodness of the things that occurred in my day, but I also feel more aware of what my day brought to me. And with this, comes a feeling of happiness and joy for even the littlest things.

We can all find three things we are grateful for, whatever size they are, including things we often take for granted. I've been grateful for running water from my tap! When you think about the life of water you are offered from a faucet, you see it differently. So, list anything and be imaginative!

For an artistic bent to the practice, instead of writing, draw what you are happy for from that day. Not only does this satisfy the inner you - who wishes to be joyful all the time - but it also brings out your creativity!

What better way to end the day thoughtfully and joyfully, closing your eyes to sleep!