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Aaron Doughty

-Nevada, U.S.A.

Many of you may know Aaron Doughty – a fellow YouTuber - who has his own thriving community and a significant following helping people with their life journey. I recently had the pleasure of working with and providing him a personalized channeled reading!


Victor Oddo

-Nevada, U.S.A.

I'm offering this testimonial so you can hear first-hand about my energy healing and channeling work!

Victor Oddo -who I've been recently working with - has his own thriving community and business helping people who are going through the spiritual awakening process.

Here he talks about his experience with me and my energy healing and channeling work.

Tatjana J.

- Europe

evening-55067__340 (3).png

“Carolyn is among really a few I am willing to connect and trust who has healing abilities. I highly recommend Carolyn for distance energy healing and channeling. Her channeling abilities are awesome.  :) 

I got answers on questions that helped me to get more in touch with who I really am. 

It helped me to get my life in order. Helped me to move ahead, follow my passion and got my joy and energy back.” 

Cami R.-

- U.S.A.

“This service (Spiritual Awakening Guidance & Support) has been very helpful and insightful for me thus far on my journey! I've received advice that has assisted in adjusting and improving my healing ability! I cannot wait to hear what else Carolyn can assist me with!”

Suzanne R. 

- Nevada, U.S.A.

Distance Energy Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

"Wow! Carolyn is thorough in all aspects. The only thing I told her prior to our session, was that I have arthritis in my knees. 

I have had stiffness in the right side of my neck for years... it is gone! Issues I've ignored were addressed. In the several weeks following, I have noticed improvements overall. My left leg, which has been weakened by sciatica, has had numbness down the shin. That is disappearing over time. 

If you've thought about asking for some help, do it! It is so life changing. Carolyn's follow-up email described in detail all the health issues addressed. Not only a fantastic healer, but a wonderful, caring woman."

Raven X. 

- Iowa, U.S.A.

"Carolyn is an amazing healer and woman, and it's been a blessing to have met her and call her a friend. I was blessed to have her do one of her first healings on me. I had torn my PCL, a ligament inside the knee. 

Was told it would take several weeks or months to heal. Practically overnight, I could walk without a cane. Even my PT was convinced and amazed. When you can blow a medical professionals mind, you know something awesome has happened.

I recommend her to all of you! Love this woman!"

Brandon B.

- California, U.S.A.

Distance Energy Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

"Are you ready to have a wonderful healing session? Because that's what you are going to get!

Not only did I feel an uplifted bliss come across me, but I suddenly had a few epiphanies of my current blocks. Which was later confirmed with the divinely accurate documents from the session. 

I now have a clearer view of what I need to do to progress forward with my spiritual journey. 

Carolyn is a gifted and professional healer. Don't even second guess if you should work with her, the universe brought you here because your higher self is trying to tell you to get some grade A soul-work done. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now, you will be grateful you do so!"

Sarah S.

- Virginia, U.S.A.

"Carolyn did a long-distance session with me about two weeks ago. I felt the effects almost immediately. The next day I felt like my vibration rose, and I felt like I had more energy. In the last two weeks I had a lot of issues surface that caused me to at first feel upset but after the issues were purged from my body, I felt so much better. 

For example, I realized I did not love myself or have enough self-worth and that caused pain, but afterward, I was able to take action to gain self-love and self-worth. By this I mean, I was able to start exercising, doing mirror exercises, and mediating. 

I was able to implement self-care. I also learned to better control my thoughts and I believe I am currently now being guided to improve my finances. And I am realizing now that something appearing negative doesn't always have to be negative because it can be a stepping stone or a way of clearing blocks that are within. I also have more intuition, more trust toward my higher self, less doubt, and just a general peacefulness that I don't think I've ever experienced before."

DeeDee M.

- Nevada, U.S.A.

"Carolyn has provided me with some of the only relief from my chronic pain issues that I have had in the past 4 years. I am so grateful & appreciative of her immense talents. Honestly, you really need to give her a try, you won't regret & you just might benefit from it like I have. She provides a very professional service!"

Susan G. 

- East Coast, U.S.A.

.Distance Energy Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

First off... I have never received energy from a distance like I did with Carolyn. 

Let me explain... I have had several distant reiki sessions in the past. And also my husband took me to a local reiki master here in town. Each were very different. 

But the type of healing energy work Carolyn does is nothing like I had before. My first session with Carolyn... I had told her about my scoliosis but never told her that I in fact had one leg slightly shorter than the other because of it. Actually I had forgotten until I read my document during my session. 

I could actually feel her energy moving inside my body... After about 20 minutes in I felt as if my soul was being lifted up. It felt amazing. After our session... she sent me the most awesome gift in the form of what she calls a "document".

In it was not only her first findings during the session, but her guides channeled through her to deliver messages to me. I was simply blown away by this document. And after that - needless to say - I am now addicted to her healing energy work. 

I recently had another session with her and again I could feel her working inside my body. I could also feel my guardian angel caressing my face during. And yet again I got another document that did not disappoint. I love the messages from Spirit that's so personal...

If you ever find yourself in need of amazing healing energy and have about 40 minutes of your time... Please don't hesitate... Give yourself a gift of a lifetime... I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Carolyn for such an amazing gift each time... I'm forever changed since our first session. Love you!!"


For more reviews, please visit my Purple Rain Healing Facebook page!