What to Expect - Distance Energy Healing/Channeling

Distance Energy Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

Here’s what to expect in a Distance Energy Healing/Channeling Session with me. It couldn't be easier for you, as you relax in the surroundings of your own home, as I work from mine during the session. Regardless of where you live across the world, I can work with you.

To answer questions and determine scheduling, typical communication is via the “Contact Me” option on this site, via email and/or Facebook Messenger. 

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If your session is for distance energy healing, I ask that you provide me with specific physical and/or emotional situations that you'd like the session to focus on. This includes any major symptoms you are experiencing.  

All information provided is confidential.

This is also your chance to ask about situations and inquire about your life journey for the channeling part of the session. Information comes through regardless, but this is your opportunity to participate and to allow for the most robust session possible!

Keep in mind our Spirit help provides just what we need at this time in our journey. Responses to all questions are not guaranteed.

You may also choose to make your own intention for what you want from the session. Your involvement is important to the session.

The rest of the process is simple for you and takes place in the comfort of your own home, while I meditate throughout the process in my home.


  • The weekend before and the day of the session I will send you a reminder email.

  • Since this is distance work, there is no "live" contact needed and no need for you to be on the phone with me during the session.

  • While I'm in meditation, I ask that you find a relaxing, quiet place to be calm and peaceful in any way that works for you, thinking of comforting healing energy coming into your body. You may even fall asleep, and that's fine too! The session takes about 50 minutes of your time.

  • Once the session is complete, I will message you again. 

  • I suggest drinking a glass of water afterwards. 


  • During the session, I receive powerful and personal channeled information and advice for you. It is important to note that the session is a partnership between you and our Spirit Teams. Often in the session recommendations are provided to you to consider implementing to assist yourself in your own wellness.

At times past life information can come through that will also assist you in understanding this life's journey and you soul journey in total.  

I record the entire session.

Later, I transcribe the recording and create a beautiful document that includes this information. I email it to you upon completion, within two days after your session. The information is extensive and is typically a minimum of 8 pages.

 I believe this part of the session is truly a unique offering. The power of reading the words - personal to you - adds to the energetic experience that you have.

  • This completes the session.

After you have spent time taking in the channeled session document, I also offer up to 30 minutes of conversation on the phone if you would like clarity on anything provided.

Changes may be noticed days or weeks after the session, as the energies work for positive change in your body. I recommend tracking what you notice, so that you can see the progress that is occurring. Results vary, as each person experiences the energies in their own unique way.  Future sessions should be a minimum of one month apart to allow the energies time to work for positive change in your body.

You are welcome to stay in touch afterwards to discuss the session or document, and/or monitor your progress.

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Note: Energy healing sessions are a compliment to your own doctor's advice and medical work, and not a substitute. I do not offer diagnosis or prognosis.