Channeled Personal Messages

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This session is perfect if you are specifically interested in the powerful personalized channeled messages coming primarily from questions that you have.

Distance Energy Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring

With the messages I offer an energy boost, but the primary focus is to provide you the channeled information. Included in this offering are questions that you provide to me in advance.

Our spirit help always provides the information we need, at the right time, so answers to all questions are not guaranteed. This option includes:

  • Personalized channeled messages specifically for you. A typical document has a minimum of 7 pages of detailed response, however many can run more than this. And of course it depends on how much you ask too. 

    Keep in mind these questions should focus on you and your life journey, not family members and friends. This is because the permission to have a reading has been given by you, for you.

    Note: Often specific past lives come through to help you understand your current life journey or your overall soul journey as well.

  • An energizing, yet calming energy boost for your health and well being. 

  • Chakra assessment and balancing so the energies may flow most smoothly through your body.

  • Also included is communication with me before and after the session, if desired. This may be completed online or over the phone. 

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1 hour - $85 per session

All information provided by you is confidential.

Payment Note: Billing is typically completed via PayPal the Sunday prior to a scheduled session. PayPal is used with a current email address and may be used even if you don't have a personal PayPal account by using your credit or debit card too. It's simple!  If needed, we can discuss payment by check or money order, if you prefer.